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Get out of pain and get back to doing what you love

Located in Cedar City, Utah

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reduce your chronic pain and improve your well-being 

I offer massage and pain coaching sessions to help you relax, find the source of your pain, and find relief.

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  • Deeply relax

  • Tune into your body

  • Transform your pain

  • Increase your mobility

  • Boost your mood

  • Return to doing what you enjoy

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Pain is such a drag. It ruins your quality of life, takes the fun out of important moments, and is your constant (unwelcome) companion.

It's my passion to help you find the relief that will get you back to enjoying life again!

So who am I and what motivates me to help relieve chronic pain for my clients?

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Hi there, I'm Tyler! 

I became a massage therapist in 2016 after a lifelong interest in health and the body. I'm fascinated by the mind-body connection and intrigued by how pain is interpreted by the mind. Massage is such a great fit for pain relief because it helps you to relax at a deep level, both physically and mentally. 

When I was young, my mom had back surgery. I watched her go through daily therapy exercises and started doing them with her. This had a huge impact on how I managed my own injuries and helped me to learn how to think about pain from a place of action and relaxation.

After more than a decade of owning an independent bookshop (Braun Books, for those who have been around awhile), I finally fulfilled my childhood dream and attended massage school. Once I graduated, I dove right into the profession by working at inspiring resorts and spas in breathtaking Vermont. It was a lot of fun working with people from all over the world and I learned a lot about how others perceive pain and relaxation. I recently returned back home to southern Utah, ready to help people in my own community with relaxing and reducing their chronic pain issues.

When I'm not massaging or studying, you can find me climbing boulders, hiking to the top of a peak, biking mountain trails, or taking my two kids camping. I love moving and being outside!


I offer targeted massage treatments geared toward those suffering from chronic pain.

Choose the option that fits your needs and goals, then book an appointment with me to get started. 


Massage and Movement for Pain Relief

A custom session to discuss your pain symptoms and goals, and to show you ways to reduce your discomfort. 30 minutes long.

✓ Full body assessment

✓ Massage techniques to reduce pain

✓ Movement activities to help you move with confidence

✓ Range of motion exercises to improve joint function

✓ Ways to relax and de-stress

✓ Tips to build strength and stability

✓ A self-care session to help you relieve pain and move a little easier

✓ Come in during your lunch break

Note: If possible, wear comfortable clothes for this session.




Full-Body, 60-Minute Massage

✓ You get the amount of pressure that feels good to you.

✓ Techniques aimed to reduce the your fight-or-flight stress response and help you relax your tight muscles.

✓ Best things for trigger points or knots is strength training, good sleep, calming overactive nervous systems. Massage and stretching can help relieve pain in the moment. 


Full-Body, 90-Minute Massage

Same custom session as the 60-minute, but the extra 30 minutes allows you to deeply relax and enjoy a calmer state of mind and body.



Massage + Movement Sessions

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Self-Care and Movement Session + Full-Body, 60-Minute Massage

Learn ways to relieve pain during the 30-minute self-care and movement session, then enjoy a 60-minute, full-body massage for deep relaxation.


Self-Care and Movement Session + Full-Body, 90-Minute Massage

Spend a full 2 hours in awareness of your body and learn ways you can relieve your pain and discomfort.




4 Self-Care and Movement Sessions + 2 Full-Body, 60-Minute Massages

Bring your body from where you are to where you want to be. This package includes a series of sessions that focus your attention on the various causes of pain and what you can do everyday to experience less pain.



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